Personal Shopper Venice and Padua

Each service as personal shopper is built on the needs of those who contact me.
I can accompany my clients in their shopping going from clothing shops to home furnishings ones, outlets and markets in the cities around Venice and Padua, and other areas avaible.
During these tours, it will be possible for me to give advices based on the tastes and demands of you as customer.
My consultations are open to everyone who would like to renew his style or wardrobe. I can fullfill several specific and custom needs, having the important skill to find and fitt the best colors combinations that suit and enhance a person.
Is important also to start from your personal wardrobe, trying to understand if it is well combined or it’s possibilities to be combined with new purchases, coordinating and mixing them for your new outfits.
I am also specialized in the selection of clothes for curvy women, to give to extra pounds the deserved sensual and desiderable impact. Always as to be bought the proper outfits that highlight the individual points of strengths.
Please, I also suggest…  a beautiful heeled shoe that stretches leg, thins the ankle, make you feel secure as it is well mastered to sway softly.

Caterina Pettenello, Personal Shopper Venice