Caterina Pettenello Personal Shopper

About Me

Everyone knows, from an early age you can have a clear idea of what you like to do in your life. I starting felting since childhood a growing up and irresistible attraction to what is beautiful, harmonious and fashion.

I stood enchanted in front of a shop window, I spent hours in dressing dolls and in my thoughts any object could be transformed in a fashion accessory; an accessory capable to embellish my games and even myself.

At 19, after the compulsory studies, the game and the passion become work and since then I have worked in several boutiques, I dressed women and men, suggested home furnishings, precious jewels that have been sold for very prestigious brand and I also sow the fashion world seen through luxury. These are my life, my everyday life.

Day after day, suggestion after suggestion and various training courses the idea of providing my professionalism and expertise become reality.

I am always and constantly looking for what is best not only for myself, for my work. My vision of the world of fashion is made of intelligence and sophistication, and goes far beyond the boundaries of physicality.

The training I have acquired over the years, combined with the creativity and the thirst for knowledge that I carry by nature have made me what I wanted to be today, in order to offer my expertise to the purpose of image and outfit restyling that is needed by everyone.

Behind each human figure is hiding the right harmony of the look, so it’s very important to be able to dress with grace and elegance regardless of the physicality that you have. I always follow the current trends, mixing elements to enhance the personal characteristics to be “in the right places “and at any time.

As fashion is constantly moving, constantly changing and seamless upgrade I am attending courses from the best professionals: Monica Sirani and Carla Gozzi are among my teachers.

Milan, Rome, Florence and Bologna are my second home where I can participate to the events of major fashion and take inspiration for my work.

Trust me, you will not regret.